Water Makes Us Free.


Water Freedom for Everyone, Everywhere.

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Current System

Natural large water cycle

Hotaru System

To a small infrastructure

Hotaru's Compact Shower

Shower Anywhere

Showers are essential to modern life.
Overnight work, bicycling to work, camping and outdoor events... In our diverse lifestyle, we've all had moments and been in places where we wished there were showers. Hotaru's compact shower makes this possible.

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Compact Water Purification System

Cutting edge technology in a compact package. Water from showers is purified within the small machine.

5 Gallons = 160 Gallons

With just 5 Gallons, you can take 50 showers. That's equivalent to 160 Gallons or more than 150 Gallons in water savings.

Easy setup without pipes

No need for plumbing work. Easily movable, it can be taken anywhere. It's up to you to decide where to take it next.


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